Linking 3d Hands Founder

Rishab Jain Founder/Chapter President

I am a senior at American Heritage Plantation. I founded linking 3d hands to build a network of youth leaders who can combine engineering ingenuity and leadership skills to involve high school students in this effort as well. 

When, I went to India to provide hands I realized the number of volunteers and organizations I had to work with from friends to Rotary International. I also saw the ubiquity of 3d printers at schools and knew that I had to involve high schoolers in this effort. Therefore, I started this community in the hopes of helping people in need of upper limb prosthetic devices. 

There is a great need for inexpensive, functional upper limb assistive devices, and I am working every day to help make the dream of prosthetic limbs become a reality for people worldwide. 

Miami Beach Senior High School Chapter

David Tamen Chapter President

David Tamen will be a freshman in the Scholar’s/Pre-IB Academy at Miami Beach Senior High School. His favorite subjects are science and math, and his passions are robotics and 3D printing. 

He was captain of his middle-school robotics team. In high school, he will continue with robotics competitions and start a Linking 3d hands chapter. Outside of school, he is active in Boy Scout Troop 65, where he is Senior Patrol Leader and working towards Eagle Scout. He plans to mentor scouts in 3D printing and get them involved in his future Linking 3d hands projects.

David was selected for a STEM camp for rising 9th graders at the United States Naval Academy this summer.

Davie, Western High School Chapter

Esha Jain Chapter President

Esha Jain is a freshman at the Western High school in Davie. Her favorite subjects are math and debate. 

She has a passion to help people with prosthetic hands after she toured the Jaipur Foot facility in India. 

In high school, she plans on competing in debate competitions and start a Linking 3d hands Chapter. She wants to involve her peers in this cause. 

Jacksonville, Stanton College Prep Chapter

Vishnu Bhupatiraju Chapter President

Vishnu Bhupatiraju is a junior in Stanton College Prep, and he is currently enrolled in the IB program. His two favorite subjects are Physics and Biology and he wishes to attain a higher learning in these fields and pursue a career in STEM.


Outside of school he likes to play basketball and cricket with his friends. His involvement in community ranges from school beautification to volunteering at a school for the blind in India. With the opportunity to provide 3D printed hands, he would like to broaden his horizons by helping people from many different walks of life. He plans on involving his friends to further this mission. 

New York, Monroe Woodbury High School Chapter

Lahar Miriyapalli Chapter President

Lahar attends Monroe Woodbury High School. He likes playing basketball and is looking forward to help in this cause by providing volunteers to assemble these hands.  

Plantation, American Heritage Chapter

Zaneer Mitha Chapter President

Zaneer is currently a Sophomore at American Heritage School in Plantation. He has been working with 3D Printers and Computer Aided Design since he was in seventh grade, and has taught many others what he has learned over these years.

Zaneer is the Sophomore Class President at American Heritage, and is also an officer in clubs such as Robotics and Pre-Engineering. Outside of school, Zaneer is the Team Leader of the Youth Volunteer Corps at his religious center.

Zaneer plans to contribute to Linking 3D Hands by teaching others how to CAD, to get more people involved and expand the knowledge of computer design. He would also like to begin an advertisement program in order to widen the boundaries of Linking 3D hands, and generate more awareness for it.