Linking 3D Hand Chapters


Chapters are meant to build a network of youth leaders who can combine engineering ingenuity and leadership skills to involve high school students in this effort as well.

Chapter Presidents

Chapter Presidents of Linking 3d Hands are kids who coordinate events at their school and share their resources with other chapters.

Chapter Goals

Each chapter strives to raise donations and create prosthetic devices for local recipients. 

Chapter President Responsibilities

  • Involve students interested in helping this cause 
  • Learn/Teach students how to measure, print, and assemble devices  
  • Initiate fundraisers at school to raise donations to be used to create prosthetic hands 
  • Hold meetings with interested students to brainstorm new ideas 
  • Reach out to local media sources to broadcast this cause and spread the word
  • Have meetings with the Founding Plantation Chapter 
  • Share 3d printing resources and knowledge with other chapters

Suggested Goals:

  • Create a club at your school 
  • Try to get a 3d printer for the school in order to create prostetic hands 
  • Learn basic 3d printing knowledge
  • Speak at a school assembly to showcase 3d printing, Linking 3d Hands etc.

Chapter President Application

Fill out this application

Interested high schoolers

Do you love engineering, do you want to make a change in your community, do you want to help with 3d printing, then creating a chapter is for you! Fill out this chapter application above.