AJ Spiderman Hand

AJ's story

AJ was a seven year old child and our first patient in South Florida with a Spiderman themed hand. 

Gratifying Experience

Being able to help a child, and in less than an hour seeing him drinking water and playing around was priceless for our entire team. 

Special Moment

The joy on AJ's face was hard to put into words and now with his hand AJ has started public school for the first time, learning how to use his hand. 

IRCC Booth Fundraising


At the Indian Religion and Cultural Center's biggest event of the year, Diwali the Festival of Light, we set up a booth to raise awareness about our organization and to broadcast our camp in Khandwa. We brought a mini 3d printer and our demo hands to showcase our prosthetic hands.

Generate excitement

Over a course of eight hours we met with over 200 people that showed interest and gave us ideas to expand our project. With their encouragement to continue our project the next week we went to Khandwa to help 40 patients.

Pooling Resources

Through this booth we were able to meet with the Broward Commissioner Dale Holness and we are planning to have a county-wide broadcast of our project to gather high school volunteers for this cause. Furthermore, meeting with all these people we recorded their suggestions and in the future planning to collect funds from all the interested people. 

Khandwa Camp


Over a course of three days from November 20-22 of 2017 we helped over 40 patients with 3d printed upper limb assistive devices. This was the first outreach mission in India and the first of many milestones to come.  

Rotary Khandwa

With the help of the local Rotary club in Khandwa, we were able to contact 40 patients to be fitted with prosthetic hands. After the camp, this organization is the body collecting the feedback of the hands we employed.

Setting the Foundation

With the connection of like-minded philanthropist, our organization is working to get a matching grant from the Rotary International Club in order to help more people. The system we have in place integrates our organization's 3d printing technology with a local team in order to create a viable feedback loop.  

Roger Inuma-1st customized hand

Roger, Inuma

A 19 year old boy who lives in Yurimaguas
Loreto, Peru recieved a customized hand in the summer of 2017. It was the first customized hand created by Rishab Jain for this organization.  

Setting the Foundation

This project set the foundation and gave this organization its momentum to than create a camp in Khandwa.


Ever since he received his new arm, Roger has used it to help him advance in ways he could not have otherwise imagined.