The Network

American Heritage Chapter


I Rishab Jain am the founder of linking 3d hands and expanded it to include all the chapters and teams that he is working with to organize outreach missions of this organizations. I also a, the e-NABLE the Future Plantation Chapter Founder and American heritage Chapter president.

High School Volunteers

A group of youth leaders that are willing to use their engineering ingenuity and leadership skills to involve volunteers to create 3d printed hands. The overarching goal is to create multiple more camps around the World to help recipients that need a free hand.

Bridging the Gap

We our trying to reach as many outreach missions in India, Africa, and Mauritius. We want to bridge the gap of the 3d printing resources we have with countries around the world.

Innali Foundation


Prashant Gade is a noble man that decided to initiate the creation of the Innali foundation that designed the Innali Hand. He is India's project manager of this organization that helped with the Khandwa camp.

Team of Engineers

Remarkable engineers that sacrifice their livelihood for this cause in order to help as many people as possible. Working tirelessly and finding unique solutions to problems, these engineers pioneers in 3d printing technology. 

Innali Hand

Fully functional motorize hand that uses motors to actuate the arm reducing pain from muscle actuated hands.

Rochester e-NABLE Team


Dr. Jon Schull the co-founder of the global NGO e-NABLE the Future

Skip Meetze

Creator of the Gripper Hand which utilizes an opposable thumb to hold objects for a long period of time such as riding a bike,

Vertus Lab

Melvin Cruz the head instructor of the 3d printing lab at Vertus Lab, Skip Meetze, and Dr. Jon Schull used the help of high school students to create over 40 gripper hands for use at the Khandwa Camp. 

e-NABLE Boca Raton

Doug Zimmer

Doug Zimmer has been a crucial part of the network by printing hands with his wall of 3d printers. As well as providing his breadth of 3d printing knowledge and expertise.

Customize Me This

Doug also runs a business that allows you to create almost anything. Check it out at